• Blick auf die Hochbeete und auf den Fischteich
    • Blick auf die Hochbeete und auf den Fischteich

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      Natural Nutrition - healthy lifestyle and food

      Balanced, natural diet provides strength for a healthy lifestyle. Healthy food has a preventive, supportive and healing effect on our bodies.

      Choose between our traditional Austrian menu and our popular vegetarian Conscious-Nourished-Menu.

      I, Katrin Heindl, being a certified dietician, care for your special dietary restrictions, food allergies, and personal preferences. Enjoy seating yourself at the dinner table and being pampered by our team!

      Not only you, we as well want to know what we eat! We carefully prepare each meal freshly and gently on the stove and/or in the steamer. We use quality vegetable fats, not too much salt, and season with herbs so the food retains its natural flavor. You will not find ready-made sauces and seasonings in our kitchen. Our salads and most of the vegetables we use come from our region, the Zirbitzkogel-Grebenzen Nature Reserve.

      Fresh milk is delivered by Jakl Ofner, a controlled dairy farm, high in the Steinschloss, where cows graze in picturesque meadows and pastures. Our yogurt is mixed with fresh fruits, breakfast buffet spreads are prepared by us, and our fruit salad is freshly cut. Thomas Lassacher brings us the good Schlurtbauernkäse for the breakfast buffet; goat cheese is delivered by the Rath family in Muehlen.

      The organic farmers of the Nature Reserve provide whole grains, farmers bread and cereals. Our pastries are freshly baked according to old recipes and without any raising agents or artificial ingredients.

      Your breakfast egg is laid fresh daily by Henriette, Rosetta or one of their chicken fellows! Henry, our proud, charming rooster guards and protects his little harem. Organic eggs for our cakes and casseroles come from happy chickens in nearby Pöllau!

      Wildhandel Strohmeier supplies our venison; for meals featuring lamb, we source the Zirbitzlamm from the organic sheep farm Wernig in the village of Muehlen.

      Since 2015 trouts and char populate our new castle pond and are enjoying the clean, oxygen-rich water. They taste best served right from the smoker. Should our fish hide too well, the Gruenberger fish farm in St. Marein supplies us with more.

      All meat products are marked with the AMA seal of quality and are delivered from our region and from Styria.


      Landsitz Pichlschloss - Heindl OG
      Stadlob 125
      8820 Neumarkt in der Steiermark

      T. +43 3584 2426
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