Finnish sauna and steam bath

Regular sweating boosts the immune system!

Our sauna is not huge nor is it a well-beeing temple. It does, however, offer a true chance to sweat, a waterfall shower and Kneipp hose, a relaxation room, and a direct exit to the outside. The Finnish sauna is heated with wood; the warmth is unmatched and the crackling of the wood totally relaxing!

The revitalizing herbal steam bath is a quick way to sweat intensely and is especially recommended for the respiratory system. In the infrared cabin, your body’s core temperature is gently increased in the short-term, strengthening the immune system and relieving pain. Circulation of the tissue is enhanced that way, improving the supply of nutrients and oxygen.

Our infrared sauna is a gentle sauna variant. The temperature does not exceed 50 ° - but you will be sweating!


Landsitz Pichlschloss - Heindl OG

Stadlob 125

8820 Neumarkt in der Steiermark

T. +43 3584 2426