Air Oasis - fantastic air in the wood

Air oasis

Take an “air bath” in the air oasis! It might not cost anything, but it offers what we have plenty of: Fantastic Air.

Treat your lungs, detox from the city air, relax by slowly and deeply breathing in and out. That is how you use your personal air filling station! On the covered deck, tucked into one of our chaise lounges — this could be your most rejuvenating nap.

The air oasis has a long history, dating from the time when common tuberculosis was prevalent. Pichlschloss then was a sanatorium offering cures for several lung diseases. Especially during the time between wars, lung patients were sent here due to the special air quality in our region to cure their ailments. Heavily wrapped in blankets, the patients laid on the covered patio in any weather condition.

In former times, a Luftkur (air bath) aided in curing sickness; today this treatment again gains importance due to increasing air pollution.


Landsitz Pichlschloss - Heindl OG

Stadlob 125

8820 Neumarkt in der Steiermark

T. +43 3584 2426