Beauty and Massages - with natural products

We like to enhance your beauty the natural way. Book a facial treatment or a pedicure, makeup or other beauty treatment in our beauty parlor. Simone Scheriau uses only natural products, working with flaxseed, polenta, Farmers Cheese, and Weleda products.

As a trained Bathing Specialist, she can prepare a relaxing herbal or whey bath for you, rub your back with lavender polenta, or treat you to special cosmetic packs and wraps.

As a full day in the nature park or in the Murau region comes to a close, a soothing massage to relax tired muscles is a wonderful way to end your day.

Lore Potocnik, our experienced masseuse, advises and massages away pain due to bad posture or tensions or simply to increase your well-being. She has a lot of experience and constantly stays up-to-date with training in the Orthopedic Hospital in Lainz. Every spring and autumn, Lore also hosts the Wirbelaeulenwoche nach Prof. Tilscher, which focuses on your spine.

Karin Kornprath offers sensitive Shiatsu-treatment and Edeltraud Pichler offers Sounding Bowl Massages and meditation.


Landsitz Pichlschloss - Heindl OG

Stadlob 125

8820 Neumarkt in der Steiermark

T. +43 3584 2426